1.  Can I use my insurance? How does that work?

We take several insurances such as Aetna, MHN, Chipa, Kern Legacy, and some Blue Shield. Other insurances that we are not contracted with often offer out-of-network benefits which allow you to come here. We would be more than happy to help you with this process. Call us at 661 477-8969 and we will  find out about your particular plan. Our full rate without insurance is $200.00 per session.

2. What if I want to come in for couples counseling and my partner doesn't?

Please feel free to come in with or without your partner. We would love to help. Many people find that as they seek help and feel better, the relationship improves.  After all, when you are happier others feel better as well.

3.  I talk to my friends about my problems. Why do I need a therapist?

Having someone to talk with is very important. The difficulty is, our friends are just looking out for us. Sometimes family and friends can be too close to the situation or people involved, so they don't want to tell you how they really feel.  Your therapist can be objective because they are not related to you and they can provide a different perspective.

4.  As a therapist, are you going to tell me (or us) what to do?

We are here to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings so that you can make decisions in ways that will help you feel better.  We won't tell you what to do but we will support you as you explore your options.  As an experienced marriage and family therapists, we will help you and/or your partner understand what is not working and teach you the skills to help you get what you want.

5.  What happens in the first session?

Great question!  When you arrive, please let the receptionist know. If it is your first appointment there will be a "welcome" clipboard with forms for you to complete as you wait for your therapist to greet you. You will be escorted into a confidential office by your therapist, who will then invite you to share your story and help you articulate why you are seeking therapy at this time. We will find out from you what is not working and help you learn how to make it better.  If all goes well, you and your therapist will decide how often you meet and what issues you will work on together.

6.  Do you work with issues besides relationships? What if I haven't had a traumatic event happen?

Yes!  We are here to help anyone that is struggling, whether that is with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, illness, or other life stressors. If you are unhappy you don't have to live that way! Our goal is simple--we want you to feel better.

7.  What if I have more questions?

Simply call our Client Ambassador, Travis, at 661 477-8969 if you have more questions.

8.  What do I do next?

We have made the scheduling process easy.  You can call our Client Ambassador at 661 477-8969 and he will help you get scheduled.


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