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Meet the Therapists

The therapists at Marriage and Family Counseling Inc. are dedicated to helping you and your family. Each therapist has their own specialties and experience in couples and family therapy.  All of our therapists are experienced and we believe you will find the perfect fit for you at Marriage and Family Counseling Inc. Clinical Director Karen Page is quite selective about the therapists she brings into the office.  "I would happily refer any of my own family and friends to the therapists we have at Marriage and Family Counseling Inc. They are all relationship experts and love what they do." If you are not sure which therapist is right for you, just give our Client Ambassador a call at 661 477-8969 to get started right now.

Meet our Marriage and Family Therapist Counseling Inc. Therapists: 

Brent Petersen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


If you are considering therapy you may not know what to expect and may be feeling apprehensive, fearful or overwhelmed. You may be feeling stuck and your life is not where you wanted it to be right now. Perhaps you are looking to resolve an issue or are tired of having the same old argument over and over.

We offer you a place to express yourself without being judged. When you call we will listen to what you are looking for and place you with the therapist that fits your needs. Our goal is simple-to help you feel better. You don't have to do this alone. Give us a call today.



Carlette Layne, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, CCAPP, CDAC ll

                                    Carlette Layne

Carlette's passion is working with people who have relationship concerns or are just not happy. Stress, anxiety, and relationship issues can hit even the most secure people at times. And when you feel like this, all you want is to feel better. If so, you are not alone.  Give Carlette a call at 661 477-8969.


Genevieve Martinez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

                                     Genevieve Martinez

Genevieve loves working with people who are having problems getting along with others in their relationsips and intimate connections.

Her goal is to help people find solutions to reduce anger, arguing, and negativity so they can truly have the family life they want. 

Genevieve has a calm demeanor and sharp mind to laser-focus in on client's needs quickly, and she doesn't waste time focusing on unimportant things. She is quite skilled in helping both individuals and couples to improve their communication. 

If you are worried about your relationship, please don't wait. Give us a call at 661 477-8969 today.

Karen Page, LMFT, founder and clinical director of Marriage and Family Counseling Inc. 

                                             Karen Page


Having the same old argument again? 

When you first got together maybe you were so happy you both were finishing each other's sentences. There was laughing and fun, but now it's a struggle to be in the same room with your partner.  Are you wondering if it is going to get better? Are you worried your partner may be having an affair? We invite you to a place where you will  feel safe to talk about it. 
It doesn't have to feel this way. With a listening ear and therapy skills from nearly 30 years of experience  we can help you, teaching you strategies on how to communicate more effectively and reconnect .

Don't wait any longer. We can help. Call 661 477-8969.

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